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Pagan and religious festivals/important dates on the regional level

Molise has kept numerous festivals and traditional fairs thanks to the strong religious traditions and the identities of the small countries. Festivals and fairs have captured the interest of tourists from all around the world and have become really important for local economies and tourism.

La ‘Ndocciata

WHEN: Christmas Eve

WHERE: Agnone

WHAT: The ‘Ndocciata is one of the biggest festival of fire in the entire world.

The ‘Ndoccia’ is a torch that can be composed of one element- therefore can be carried by children and elders – but also of multiples elements. In this parade, groups from the surrounding villages, light up the ‘Ndocce in the church of St. Anthony, and then start a procession along the streets of the town. The ‘Ndocce are carried by men dressed with mantels typical of Agnone.

Il Volo dell’Angelo - Vastogirardi

WHEN: On July 1st and 2nd, in

WHERE: Vastogirardi

WHAT: The tradition says that one man from America devoted to the «Madonna delle Grazie» (Our Lady of Graces), begun this ritual in 1911, in which a little girl, dressed like an angel, “flies” by pulley from the Church “Madonna delle Grazie” to the nearby building for three times. During the first fly she recites a prayer, in the second she brings incense, and in the third, she sprinkles flower petals on a statue of the Madonna and the public watching.

Corsalonga - Staffoli

WHEN: From August 13th to August 22nd

WHERE: Staffoli

WHAT: One of the major equestrian meeting of central Italy, providing the ideal occasion to discover, through sport and cultural festivities, the fascinating world of horses. The Corsalonga attracts horse-riders, both professional and lovers, curious people, and tourists from the high mountains, with events of rodeos, guided tours, and skill competitions, as well as folklore festivals, musicals, and food festivals with the possibility of acquiring gadgets relating to the utilities needed for a perfect equestrian experience.

Eddie Lang Jazz Festival - Monteroduni

WHEN: August

WHERE: Monteroduni

WHAT: For the lovers of jazz, Monteroduni displays the suggestive frame of the Pignatelli castle, to celebrate its most celebrated citizen, Eddie Lang (originally named Salvatore Massaro), who was born in Philadelphia from parents that emigrated from Monteroduni. For different days, the main musicians of Jazz play music at the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival: hosting amazing guests such as Michel Petrucciani, John Scofield, Jim Hall, Fontella Bass, Benny Golson, Marcus Miller, Tommy Emmanuel, Joe Locke, Richard Bona, Randy Brecker, and Hiram Bullock.

Festival Internazionale della Zampogna - Scapoli

WHEN: July

WHERE: Scapoli

WHAT: From 1975 the community of Scapoli is known for an exhibition originally done to bring back to life the traditions of the Zampogna, but later became the first National Festival and consequently turned into the International Festival of Zampogna. An amazing festival, in which different artists play both respecting ancient traditions, and innovating with instruments tied to the electronic/modern age.


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